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Water Resources

The discipline of Water Resources Engineering (Hydrology and Hydraulics) is fundamental to Civil Engineering itself. The vast majority of all Land Development improvements are dependent on the identification and mitigation of storm water flows to protect lives, property and infrastructure and prevent flood damage from storms. In recent years, the need for highly trained Water Resources engineers and specialists has become extremely evident, as local, regional, and federal agencies impose more stringent demands and requirements on development projects with respect to storm water mitigation, flood protection, and water quality preservation. Subsequently, the need for comprehensive hydrology reports, floodplain studies, and water quality plans has become a reality for most development projects, regardless of size and scope.

JBA has remained cognizant of the correlation between Water Resources and the other facets of development, and has continued to support and expand its Water Resources Department accordingly over the last few decades. We have long been recognized as a leading specialist in Water Resources Engineering, due to our portfolio of high-profile Water Resources projects, our in-house hydrology/hydraulics software development efforts, our relationships with various public agencies, the technical proficiency of our staff, and the overall quality of our work.

JBA has completed a multitude of Water Resources projects in Southern California. Our high-profile projects include the Meadowbrook Redevelopment Project, the original “H” Street Storm Drain in San Bernardino, design of the Reche Canyon Channel in Colton, design of the Verdemont Channel in San Bernardino, and a Drainage Master Plan for the City of Victorville.

JBA’s sister company, CivilDesign® Corporation, is an industry-leader in the development of hydrology/hydraulics software applications. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, Kern, and Los Angeles have all approved some or all of CivilDesign’s applications for Water Resources calculations. JBA uses CivilDesign® software as our primary applications for hydrology and hydraulics calculations, and continues to support CivilDesign’s long-term development efforts. In fact, some of our Water Resources engineers and specialists also play an active role in the development of our software.

Our Water Resources Department enjoys excellent professional relationships with public agencies throughout Southern California. These relationships help expedite our Water Resources projects and give us higher level of efficiency than other firms in the area. Many of these agencies also utilize our hydrology/hydraulics software for their own projects; CivilDesign® generally provides this software, as well as technical support, at reduced cost. We believe that by familiarizing local agencies with our software, we help to expedite our Water Resources projects with those agencies, ultimately saving our clients time and money. We are also extremely familiar with all agency requirements, standards, and recommendations with regard to Water Resources.