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Industrial and Commercial Developments (generally classified together as “Indusrial/Commercial”) present unique challenges, in comparison to residential projects, because of the (generally) more stringent requirements of local and State agencies for industrial/commercial sites. This is due to the typical activities associated with industrial/commercial projects, as well as additional design considerations necessitated by customer/public access to these sites, such as parking, path of travel, and accessibility for the disabled per the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Additionally, design considerations necessary to faciliate and protect employee and equipment operations (such as designated work, loading, and common areas, mitigation of hazardous and/or waste materials, and material storage areas) must all be addressed to obtain agency permitting and approval.

The majority of industrial/commercial projects can be divided into two general categories:

  1. New industrial/commercial developments, involving either new construction on previously-subdivided lots, or new construction on proposed industrial/commercial subdivisions. In addition to approval and recordation of any proposed subdivision map, local agencies usually require development permits or conditional use permits for these projects as well, based on the specifics of of the proposed industrial/commerical operation. General Plan Amendment (GPA) approval can also be required if the specifics of proposed industrial/commercial project are not reconcilable with the current City or County land use designations for the project site.
  2. Addition/expansion projects for existing industrial/commercial sites, involving the acquisition of development permits or conditional use permits to allow the proposed addition/expansion.

JBA has completed a variety of both new construction and addition/expansion industrial/commercial projects in Southern California. Our high-profile projects include the Oldcastle Robotic Block Manufacturing Plant in the City of Fontana, a large co-composting plant in the City of Colton, a 17-acre movie theatre/shopping center in the Town of Apple Valley, a 14-parcel industrial park in the Community of Rubidoux, the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley in the City of San Bernardino, the K-Mart Distribution Center in the City of Ontario, the San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) Terminal Improvements Project in the City of San Bernardino, and the Rancho Mirage Professional Plaza in the City of Rancho Mirage. In addtion, JBA is currently providing consulting services for the development of various alternative energy projects in the deserts of Southern California – projects which emphasize our firm committment to alternative energy and green projects in Southern California. Our range of experience has equipped us to successfully complete unique and challenging indusrial/commercial projects that require special considerations, mitigation measures, and/or documentation with respect to erosion and flood control, grading/drainage design, transportation/access, and environmental/biological issues.

Most industrial/commercial projects also require the capabilities of our dedicated Geographic Information System (GIS), Water Resources, and Surveying/Mapping departments. Our GIS Department provides extremely beneficial feasibility/conceptual data and mapping for new industrial/commercial subdivisions in the Tentative/Planning stage. Preliminary and Final Hydrology/Hydraulic Studies and Drainage Analyses, in addition to Water Quality Management Plans (WQMPs) and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and other NPDES documents are prepared to satisfy local agency and State requirements for industrial/commercial projects. Surveying services (including aerial surveys for large projects) are typically provided throughout the life of industrial/commercial projects, from preparatory boundary/topographic surveys to construction staking.

JBA enjoys excellent professional relationships with public agencies throughout Southern California. These relationships help expedite our industrial/commercial projects and give us higher level of efficiency than other firms in the area. We are also extremely familiar with all agency requirements, standards, and recommendations with regard to industrial/commercial developments.