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San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (SBVWCD)

Project Location

San Bernardino County, CA

Project Date

2010 -2011

SBVWCD Basins Impact Analysis

San Bernardino County, CA

JBA was retained by the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (SBVWCD) to provide an analysis as to the impact of a proposed extention of the State Department of Water Resources (DWR) California Aqueduct East Branch on the existing SBVWCD spreading basins in San Bernardino County, CA, near the Cities of Highland and Redlands.

JBA utilized aerial topography provided by the SBVWCD to produce a detailed TIN 3D surface, which was used for 3D capacity and impact analysis of the basins in question. A comprehensive spreadsheet was provided to the SBVWCD detailing the estimated physical and cost impacts of the proposed extension on the SBVWCD basins.

Key Project Staff

Joseph S.C. Bonadiman, P.E. – Project Engineer
Edward J. Bonadiman, P.L.S. – Survey Manager
Dennis W. Jackson, P.E. – Senior Water Resources Engineer