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Download our Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) & other marketing materials.

Company Statement of Qualifications

Complete Document

Download (PDF, 31MB)

Individual Sections

Section 1 – Company Profile (PDF, 1.5MB)
Section 2 – Residential Development (PDF, 1.7MB)
Section 3 – Industrial/Commercial Development (PDF, 1.8MB)
Section 4 – Mobile Home & R.V. Park Development (PDF, 1.5MB)
Section 5 – Municipal Services (PDF, 2.6MB)
Section 6 – Water Resources Engineering (PDF, 2.4MB)
Section 7 – Surveying & Mapping (PDF, 2.1MB)
Section 8 – Feasibility, Planning, & GIS (PDF, 2.5MB)
Section 9 – Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness (PDF, 2.4MB)
Section 10 – Alternative Energy (PDF,606KB)
Section 11 – Construction Management (PDF, 472KB)
Section 12 – Resumes of Key Personnel (PDF, 211KB)
Appendix “A” – Alternative Energy & Eco-Friendly Projects (PDF, 61KB)
Appendix “B” – Technical Capabilities & Equipment (PDF, 1.4MB)
Appendix “C” – One-Sheet: Commercial Projects (PDF, 628KB)
Appendix “D” – One-Sheet: Mobile Home Parks (PDF, 758KB)
Appendix “E” – One-Sheet: Dams, Ponds & Basins (PDF, 653KB)
Appendix “F” – Typical Project Management Flowchart (PDF, 2.9MB)

Resumés of Key Personnel

All Resumes

Download (PDF, 211KB)

Individual Resumes

Edward J. Bonadiman , President; Survey Manager (Curriculum Vitae, PDF, 24KB)
Edward J. Bonadiman , President; Survey Manager (Resume, PDF, 51KB)
Dennis W. Jackson, Senior Water Resources Engineer (Resume, PDF, 44KB)
J.T. Stanton , V.P. of Civil Engineering (Resume, PDF, 41KB)
Michael J. Bonadiman, V.P.-At-Large; Director of Surveys (Resume, PDF, 49KB)

Project Abstracts

Residential Development (PDF, 723KB)
Industrial/Commercial Development (PDF, 1.8MB)
Municipal Services (PDF, 3.4MB)
Water Resources Engineering (PDF, 3.8MB)
Surveying & Mapping (PDF, 288KB)
Feasibility, Planning, & GIS (PDF, 4.2MB)
Alternative Energy (PDF, 566KB)
Construction Management (PDF, 260KB)

Miscellaneous Publications

Recent Alternative Energy Projects (PDF,708KB)
Municipal Services – Typical Project Management Plan (PDF, 600KB)
Summary of Experience – Educational Facilities (PDF, 45KB)
Firm Experience – Construction Management (PDF, 54KB)
Experience – Joe Bonadiman – Mobile & Modular Structures (PDF, 39KB)
Article – The Attorney’s Engineering Consultant (PDF, 46KB)
Example Expert Witness Cases – Mobile Home Parks (Failure to Maintain) (PDF, 46KB)
Article – Experience vs. Education in Forensic Engineering (PDF, 1MB)